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With an atelier specialized in seamstresses and embroiderers, Maison Alexandrine counts with products developed in the house, with the meticulousness of the handcrafted work – much seen in the embroideries of our party dresses, transforming our pieces into an article of haute-couture.

The atelier inspired by the XVII century in the outhouses or undergrounds of the great Palaces of the time, where artisans expressed their creativity and beauty on the elaborated and precious royal clothes.

The concentration of those who love what they do.

The perfection of the finishes when finalizing the embroidery.

The details of the work of the handmade embroidery  and the preciousness of our artisans.

The care with the finishes, allowing that each embroidery finishes or matches perfectly with each other, creating the exquisite drawing.

The finesse of the details of each creation step.