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Spring/Summer - Mandalas

The Maison Alexandrine 2020 summer is inspired in the luxury of well-being, one of the main trends of the future and nowadays. Amid so many things happening in the world, and the non-stop routine of the modern woman, Alexandra Fructuoso, creative director of the brand, rescues the ancient art of mandalas and its meditation rituals, proposing a harmonic lifestyle, guided by good energies.

This season bets on pastel tones that represent hope, birth and the renewal, besides being soft tones that match with the summer. “Each color has a meaning and together they emanate the feeling of tranquility, they instigate the search of well-being and harmony, which are what we all deserve and need!”, tells Alexandra Fructuoso. In the color palette you will find pink representing a new beginning; blue which brings harmony; green representing the family; coral which is the witty color of the optimism and the search for happiness; and white depicting peace.

Among the pieces´ highlights, Maison Alexandrine presents models of blazers, shorts, waisted pants, long and short dresses, beachwear that can be used as dresses, caftans, bodysuits, skirts, bikinis with hotpants and swimsuits. The collection also contemplates an exclusive line of jeans, manually made with high-end embroidery.